Discussion: Control Hunter / Legend

Hey man, I saw your post and it intrigued me because I've been thinking about the same thing for a while: trying to make a viable control Hunter. I read most of the thread, liked some of the ideas bounced around and adopted them, disliked others and discarded them.

Anyways, this is the decklist I came up with: http://gyazo.com/fab78d478b38cfb1100d941f6cf920d5 (Sea Giant got cut off)

In my opinion, I don't think Gahzrilla is worth running any more; now that you've dropped its activators, its become a weak 7 drop that does nothing to immediately impact the board. The other thing that I noticed when trying to run variations closer to the original list is this: the beast synergy really shouldn't be the focus of a control Hunter deck. The Beast cards are often better in the context of tempo: they are cheap cards that help maintain board presence and can help swarm/overwhelm your opponent with more minions than he can handle as you aggressively push for face. I think it also clogs your list with too many low-cost cards that invariably throw off your curve.

You mentioned the need for a four drop, so I cut Kill Commands for minions: Argus, Shredder. I felt two Snake traps was too much (you want your scientist to bring out Freezing more often than Snake), and ideally I think you want no more than 3 secrets with Hunter. Cult Master is definitely necessary for card draw and was a great suggestion by someone.

I think the only viable construct for Control Hunter right now is a Feign Death tempo-ish variant. Considering dropping Deadly Shot for Hunter's Mark since I still have 1 unleash and 1 snake trap, but I like deadly shot for the huge tempo swing it can bring in the midgame.Plus without the tokens, Hunter's Mark forces a minion trade anyways, which then makes you want to put in Creepers or another Snake trap/Unleash, which goes back to throwing your curve off.

Looking at the decklist, I realize it became a more midrange-y deck, but I think that's just the place where the class is right now. The only solution I could think of to get back to true control deck would be relying on some sort of Alexstrasza/Gahzrilla combo ala control Warrior.

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