[Discussion]Diatribe by a Poet About Poet's Place Today

OP, I do see what you are feeling very much so. I earned my first degree in poetry and to be quite honest the only fulfilling work I've ever found was copywriting. It's not that poetry is dead, it's just that poetry as a whole has seeped into many different facets of the world, and sadly classic poetry is going away fast. For example I have a tumblr that I dedicate to putting up poems and for a long time there was a lot of response from the community. But like all things it crumbled and now I only have a woman that I've been in love with but could never have for half a decade liking my poems anymore. I even had one featured two months ago and it had far less activity than a feature would back a few years ago. Maybe just talk to people about liking poetry, it always will be there and maybe it might become popular again. We just have to keep writing.

But anyone who tells you that poetry is for (insert slur here) is an idiot and you shouldn't dignify them with a response. I can't tell you how many other men I've shown my poetry to and they tell me they wish they could do what I do. To be honest poetry helps the heart in all situations and it helps attract and keep women by your side. No joke, so don't listen to that static.

I would like to add that I'm also in a rut, I haven't been able to write for a couple of weeks and even then I've been writing sparsely because the inspiration just isn't there anymore. We might be going through what Arthur Rimbaud went through (he wrote from 17-20 years old and people have called him a spectacular poet who burned out just as fast as he started since he just stopped writing completely out of lack of inspiration), but it's alright. Just know that you can't force a good poem, it will come one day and if you want to jumpstart it just read some good poetry.

Sorry this is so long and semi-coherent, I'm just a depressed poet with reddit on my cellphone. So yeah, just read, write, sit down at a typewriter, and bleed.

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