[Discussion] Lasica and Erin’s cooking adventures (Short story by Pirate)

Erin sighed. She saw the Drake look at her midsection meaningfully.

"I've noticed. It may not matter to that muscle-brained fellow, or adventurers, but you have a little Gnoll and you're not exactly a [Warrior] yourself."

"Hey! Are you saying I'm fat?"

Erin glared at Lasica. The Drake raised her brows.

"Well, I was getting to that part."

"I'm not fat! I'm a perfectly healthy..."

Erin broke off and poked her stomach a few times. Nah. She'd lost weight after coming to this world. And she wasn't...there were no scales, but she was fairly certain...well, she didn't get her own water anymore and the food was good and since she didn't wait tables or do any of that, she'd had a few nights where she just sat and talked with the Horns...and ate after dinner...and Ceria kept ordering food...


Lasica looked meaningfully at the door.

"You know, Grimalkin's an expert in that field and I can make weight-loss foods. Literally, they'll help you lose weight even if you eat like that one."

She pointed at Relc again, who was trying to break the inn's record for how many pizzas he could eat in one sitting. The record being three and four slices, also set by him. Erin paused.

"You can make me lose weight? By eating normally?"

"It's a Skill. Actually, I'd use some of Xif's recipes to help you burn energy fast. But yes. Want to drop by Tails and Scales tonight?"

"Have I ever mentioned how much I respect you and really like you, Lasica, and I think the [Chef] class is the best??"

"Go on."

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