I used to believe that anybody would eventually be able to understand math.

I had horrible match teachers growing up, from 2nd - 12th grade. Every single one of them shit, none of them had time to teach, explain, help, or even the will to try to teach me. Except they did end up having time to teach their favorite students, or those students who were excelling in their classes. Whenever I asked for help they would either scoff, grunt, show annoyance, belittle me, treat me like an idiot, etc. I started to notice this around 3rd grade and stopped asking for help, I had like one math teacher who believed that I would do good, and would force me to stay after school, after class, etc. To try and learn, thank you Mr. Mathern, I appreciate you, and your dedication for at least trying to put the effort in me. Sadly after I got bumped to the next grade level things would get progressively worse.

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