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So at the beginning of the year, the DoD implemented a system called MROADS. With this they would use your social security number to look at your Pharmaceutical records across the country using your social security number. Is that legal? You signed off on it, so according to military lawyers, yes. According to actually lawyers who's whole job focuses around HIPPA violations it wasn't however so they shut the program down after a month. That's where I come in. I started my military journey on January 4th at the air force recruiter. I told him too much and I knew I would disqualified by MROADS. So he told me to go try a different branch. So I went to the army recruiter. They said they would work with me. We start gathering paper work and doctors notes. That's until Feb 8th. I get a call from recruiter and he is estatic. That's when MROADS has Been suspended indefinitely. 2 weeks later I'm at the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) and everything thing goes fine besides the fact I'll need an eye consult. Turns out, the DoD is starting their replacement for MROADS, Genesis, on March 11th. Genesis is even worse as it pulls both pharma records and your entire medical history. I would have been double fucked.

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