Disney propaganda bad

I mean... can you blame them for wanting more tho? I mean they are the reason Spider-Man made so much money, if Sony had it, they’d just continue with their current track record. But thanks to Disney, Spider-Man had a lot more people wanting to watch his separate movies thanks to Disney slappin a boi into they’s MCU. Without him bein slapped in there, everybody would given him the same attention they gave that puberty in between Spider-Man that was in between the great trilogy and the new one. Although they played it stupidly and asked for probably way too much (I don’t know the exact amount nor the difference between their original pay and asking price), but if you say they shouldn’t have asked for anything, you’re basically saying you shouldn’t ever ask for a raise from your boss since it’s greedy. But if you never ask for a raise, I’m sure you already know, but they won’t give you a raise unless you ask for one. So while Disney isn’t fully enveloped in the light, neither is Sony, and neither is fully enveloped in the dark either.

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