Dispute brings scrutiny to Austin preservation law

yes she is. she is trying to demolish the structure to lower her property tax bill. She stated she wanted the corporation to build a new structure at a later date. Lets do some simple math. Property with structure is worth a rounded amount of $500,000. For Travis County and City of Austin, on the conservative side, property taxes owed is 15,000 per year. When she was charging rent on the property, lets guess it was $2400 per month = 28,800 per year of rent. The taxes $15,000 + minor maintenance like toilets and general upkeep, lawn maintenance, occasional paint job = lets say that cost is roughly $6,000 a year. That is $7800 of possible profit while renting the property.

But ohh noooo, the inspector says the place needs repairs or no rental. Stingy miser decides expense to meet code is too high. Such a nice place, but the repair cost just does not justify the expense - what if I can't raise the rent that much to cover the expense of repairs. Lets it slide for years instead of making a decision. Property goes to shit while no maintenance is done and no one lives there. Oh Shit, I'm still paying $15,000 of taxes and its not producing any income. I love the property, but the building is shit. If I raze it, then I can cut the tax bill down to maybe $8,000 and figure out what to do with the property later. No way I am going to sell it, it will just become some student housing/frat bullshit, better let it sit while I die.

lawyer involved, bill women/corporation an hourly fee to make sure this goes to court and collect fee and more fees for as long as it can, mostly likely years until she dies.

City steps in, you ain't demolishing shit, sell it, or fix it. Lawyer goes into overtime.

tldr: Classic growing pains of mid-size city full of nimby's - imho, better off saving the old buildings that live on well past the builders and owners and provide history than pleasing the old geezers that die.

// this is all complete conjecture as I have drank a six pack and have othing better to do than bitch about wanting to save nice architecture. :-)

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