The disrespect this sub has towards Kobe is unreal.

If you look at assist averages for the past 6-7 years you can conclude that Steph is marginally better than Kobe at playmaking. But if you actually watch how Curry plays you will realize he is a significantly better playmaker than Kobe.

I believe there is a stat somewhere that the TS of Curry's teammates goes up significantly when Curry is on the court. Curry's off ball movement is the best ever, and combined with his range open up the game a lot for his teammates. Not to mention he is a better passer, when he played like a more traditional PG he averaged 9 assists one year (IIRC).

Scoring wise Curry is better or equal. Steph was more efficient but Kobe had higher volume. Steph from 2013 has averaged 26.6 pts on 61% TS. Kobe from 2000-2012 averaged 27.7 pts on 54% TS. Obviously they played in different eras but I am too lazy to account for that.

I'm not saying Curry is better than Kobe, I myself am unsure of where to rank Curry. Obviously Kobe is a much better defender, but the people out here making it seem like its blasphemous to compare the two are disrespecting Curry.

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