Doctors of Reddit, what was the worse thing you've seen for a patient that another Doctor overlooked?

Sort of off topic, but not. My husband’s grandmother could never stand the smell of maple syrup, and her parents even moved the family away from Eastern Canada about 100 years ago to be far away from any maple groves. One day, we were sitting going through some old family photos and there was a picture of her, her 2 sisters, her brother, and this other little boy. I asked who the boy was and she said he was her little brother but he died soon after the picture was taken. They had quite a few maple trees on their property and every year they tapped them and boiled down the liquid. The year her little brother was 3, he climbed up on the front of the stove and pulled down a huge kettle of boiling sap/syrup onto himself. She said that he screamed for hours and she ran out of the house and just kept running and running to get away from the sound. She would come back every now and then, but the screams just went on. Eventually he went hoarse, and then he just moaned for hours. They were miles from any hospital, out in the bush, no car. So they made him “comfortable” and bathed him with cool water, and sent for a doctor, but he was severely burned. It took him 3 days to die. My father in law was listening to this, and it hit him so hard. Apparently, he’d never heard this story before and when he was a kid he used to beg his mom to buy real maple syrup, but she never would. She was in her 90s when she told me this, and you could see that it still shook her to her core. My own kids were small at the time. I don’t think I ever used the front burners on my stove until they were in their teens.

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