Does anyone else get frustrated that they're learning too slowly and start to get ahead of themselves?

1 month in is like if you’ve been learning Russian for one month. In general you shouldn’t even expect to be able to say complex thoughts or even intermediate ones. Just basic sentences like “Hello my name is” or “I am from -city-“ and then soon you will be able to say “where did you find this t shirt” and “my last job was so boring” etc and eventually you’ll be able to piece together whole conversations in the language and it will feel so rewarding. Don’t get overwhelmed that’s what lots of ppl do when learning coding. Keep mastering as many basics and base level understanding of functions you can, then how to use them for solving little specific problems, then you will be able to put together whole thoughts and collections of methods that return you a program, and from there you will continue to learn and learn how to do things better or simpler even.

Don’t give up! Follow the Process.. and don’t be afraid of not learning because you will always learn. I bet your knowledge today is 2x the coding knowledge you had 7 days ago! I’m a year into coding and just starting to lose my imposter syndrome lol trust yourself bc I’m sure there are 80% of C# that I haven’t even touched in my time but it’s exciting to know more and more. Good luck!!

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