Blue Lives Matter supporters arrested with slew of firearms outside Kenosha after police received tip about possible shooting, DOJ says

I feel like this is pretty easy to see if you can take a step back and look at things. Many people are just so in it they aren’t able to do that, and the media takes advantage of it.

And that’s not to say this all started a few months ago, news have been in a click war for a while only reporting what gets the most clicks. Outraged people click a lot.

When it was happening, all the news said it’s selfish to go out and do things during the pandemic. I remember countless shaming threads in reddit if people out at a park. Then this happened and the news completely flips their position.

Now this is similar. Outrage is black people being victims, so every one is getting the major coverage. White people being killed in the riots or hurt by police protesting along everyone else don’t get the headlines.

This influences people even more to affirm their beliefs and continue the cycle of rage clicks.

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