Does nursing really consist of catty women?

Disclaimer that I'm just a student, but I've learned some things from feeling like I'm assuming to do now. I was concerned that my classmates/peers all seemed to be so... "girly"? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I just struggle to relate to a lot of those interests as I, too, tend to lean towards masculinity and I'm also very socially anxious and intimidated by them. Shit, a huge plus for my career in nursing is that I'll never have to piece together an outfit, something I still have no idea how to do or really an interest at all. I just admit that about myself. Perhaps you could evaluate why exactly you're paranoid? Is it because you don't want to be caught in the drama, you won't make friends, or maybe it's just a huge waste of time, something like that?

Here's the bottom line I made in my own experience with the more "nasty" classmates I've had the displeasure of working with: even if your coworkers are the cattiest, most incompetent, rudest bitches in the world, if you don't get involved with that shit, it doesn't matter. Literally ignore it. Oh, Betty is shittalking Monica again? Just shut up. They stop. If they keep going, just make yourself unfriendly to them. No eye contact, keep doing what you were doing, etc. They get the hint. Worried they'll think you're rude because you're not engaging in their asinine bullshit? That's a good thing, they'll leave you alone and go shit talk about you to some other sap.

Remember that in every profession there is stupid, high-school level crap that you'll have to wade through in order to get to your own clear waters. Just keep your head down and be the best damn nurse that you can be, and all the stupid petty shit will glide right past by.

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