I don’t owe my parents anything, I owe my future children everything

Yeah. Seems you had nice parents. But some had shitty lame ass parents. Reading this to my parents would only make them shun and would just trip me constantly.

I was in a 'rich kids' school but I had to start working out of need for food when I was 16. Why on fucking Earth would I be lacking food when I was in one of the most expensive schools in my country? And classic response to this: so you ungrateful bastard got top quality education? Later on I found they only kept sending me to school because of my grandma's pressure that I promise if it not been for her, they wouldve left me in the Middle of nowhere to die, I am certain of that. If my country has been the US, I would've been pals with social workers from Children Protection Services.

So to address your comment... NO, by any means don't show this to your parents. People can be assholes and straight up petty and we usually forget parents are people and they can be assholes and petty as well. So if you told them the little they will just withdraw all kind of support with 'good reason'. Some of us are here despite our parents, not thanks to them.

Not all parents are bad, I have friends' moms being more of a mother to me than my own. There are amazing parents out there, as well as some really shitty ones and my parents aren't even close to the worst, sadly.

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