don't ever. ever. huff lighter fluid.

Okay. I'm really not doing it justice though. There aren't words that I could use to describe a lot of what I saw and felt. So basically here's what I did. I would take a plastic ziplock bag, and put a little bit of gasoline in it. I'd breathe in and breathe out over and over into the bag, standard huffing technique. After a couple of huffs you would feel "high". You would still be in this reality but you would kind of feel it "slipping away" if that makes sense. Like my non-physical self was being separated from my body. If I kept going after that, after a few more huffs I would "break through". Here's the best way I can describe the break through. It was like the universe was waiting for me to do that action (huff gasoline) as soon as I broke through, our universe, our reality ended. Not just for me, but for everyone else too. At least that's what it felt like. While I was tripping off of it, I genuinely believed that I had ended our reality by huffing gasoline. Our reality was over. The universe was waiting for me to huff the gasoline to end, that's what it felt like. It was almost like robotic. I didn't have any control over what was going on. See, depending on how fast I huffed, I could somewhat control the intensity of the trip. One time I remember I was in my shed doing it. I was huffing slow and I broke through. Our universe ended and I was taken to a higher realm that looked kind of like ours but was different. I could still see at this point and without me doing this (I wasn't in control of my body, it did it by itself) I set the bag down, walked across my yard to the ladder that goes into my pool, and became the ladder. It felt like our reality had ended and I was now a ladder for the rest of eternity. I had no sense of time or space but after some time I came to. I have a lot more trips that I could share if you want.

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