What was your most recent frustration with a woman?

Girl flirts with me at party or so I think.

I catch her looking at me, she constantly comes over to me, she talks about how she sat on my lap while I had fallen asleep on a cough for an hour (sitting).

I'm not used to this, I'm not used to female attention. So I think I'm in the clear. I am beyond drunk and 'flirt' back by just calling her pretty way too much but it doesn't seem to scare her off. And then I think I self destruct.

I call her pretty as she leaves, her friend is walking out with her, I make the mistake (I figure) of trying to interact with her friend as well, asking friends name. Friend gets annoyed and says I've met her before, I apologize and say alright but I forget her name, what is it. Friend tells me and I make the genius mistake of saying she's very pretty as well but not as pretty as girl I'm 'fliriting' with's name.

Next couple days I agonize over if I should add girl on facebook or if she was just using me as an ego boost. Friend finally convinces me to not be a pansy and add her so I add her. Then a day after adding her I finally grow the courage to send her a message and make mistake number 2. I basically send an 'apology', saying sorry if I was a bother at the party and thanks for putting up with my drunken stupor, hoping for a response. She says nothing so three days after, I send a crappy follow up saying I was hoping for a follow up but it doesn't look like that will happen (extension on mistake 2 as I see it now) and I was curious if she'd want to grab a coffee or something to eat quick or just hang out, walk around the city and talk so I can say something other than how pretty she is. This garners a response within the day of something like, "Sorry for not responding, You didn't bother me at the party you don't need to apologize", completely ignoring the part asking if she'd like to hang out. I try following up by saying something along the lines of "I wasnt sure if the first message was just neutral and didn't really require a response so I sent the follow up because I really wanted to ask you out as well but no need to apologize. Still, if you're ever free and want to go out that'd be cool but if at the party it was all fun banter that's cool too"

And that was it.

No further response for two days, no nothing.

I saw her pop on and offline a couple time when I was on facebook, but she seemed to completely ignore the message and I just kept over analysing everything and paying way too much attention to nothing hoping for some form of reply so after a day and a half/two days, I just took the hint and gave up, also removing her from facebook so I wouldn't agonize as much over everything.

Part of my is annoyed at myself (the majority of me) for screwing up so hard/much I figure and I'm just beating myself up over everything because this girl was very pretty, smart and seemed interested so I'm annoyed I blew what seems like such an amazing chance. And then part of me is just frustrated with her not even saying "Im not interested" or "Sorry, I don't want to go out with you" or whatever. Just annoyed I didn't get some response to the question. Just wish I could have her answer as to why she completely ignored the questions twice but there's no chance of that now. It stings a little still clearly and has me some what frustrated/annoyed periodically throughout the day still as the whole interaction is still somewhat fresh but what can I do but move on.

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