Don't be a slave

Yes a lot of people have been scammed. Scammed by marriage. Scammed by society. Scammed to spend your hard earned money on crap you don't need.

We live in a time now where it's difficult to avoid the scam. Media, TV, internet, society and even your loved ones are all infected with the scam. It's at the point now where you are shamed if you don't fall under the spell of the scam. If you don't live up to society's standards then you are ignored.

However we are here for a far deeper reason and purpose far more important than the scam and the red pill understands this deeply. Unfortunately it has only come from realizing that we were under the spell of the scam. That we had experience of the scam. Some worst than others. Divorce, being cheated on, scammed countless times buying crap they didn't need.

It's not about being victims. It's about learning and growing from what the scam did to you. We are here to learn and grow as men. Every decision we make has a result and something to learn from. When we decide to live our lives on what we get from the world. Money, women, and expensive material gain. The more we see how these things are not the answer. They are part of the scam that has been infecting you since you decided you must have it.

The problem doesn't lie in the money, women, expensive material gain. The problem is the intent behind gaining them. Do you gain them to make you feel like more of a man? Do you gain them for respect and love of others? If you do then you are falling deeper and deeper under the spell. You are also no better than some women who thinks she is entitled to the world because she has a beautiful pussy.

The selfish intent is what has destroyed society. Destroyed nations. It is the core of what the scam is all about. This is how the top 10% has stayed the top 10%.

It's not about being a slave. It's about recognizing your purpose as a man and realizing what is not helping you as a man to grow and become a better man (the scam). Because when the quality of man improves the quality of women follows. Which improves the quality of the world.

Men have to improve their standards for themselves. Improve the standards of those who surround them. In how they treat themselves and how they treat others. In the end we are all in this world together. We can't afford to be selfish. We have to hold each other accountable for where we are as a society. However the only way men can be this kind of leader is by example. Do not be scammed by the scam. See the deeper purpose of mankind.

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