Doordash customer lies about not receiving her food

Here's the thing, though: I get being so broke that you feel justified in stealing. I've been there. It's a sad truth, but sometimes, when you're really struggling, you're just trying to survive. I vividly remember shoplifting cold medicine from Walmart when my wife was sick, and I couldn't afford it. I felt awful about it, but you do hit this point where you just feel like you have to do what you have to do to protect people you love. And I felt like if I had to, Walmart would probably miss a few packs of cold medicine the least.

But, that said, I would never order delivery in that situation. Ever. I empathize (not defend, but empathize) with people who feel they have to steal some food from a big box store to feed their family, if they simply have no money. But getting a minimum wage driver to come out to your house and try to steal their wages is just fucking low, no matter how much you're struggling.

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