Drawing I did of my retraumatizing, involuntary inpatient stay earlier this month. Story in comments.

The week before last I went to the police for help when I was feeling suicidal.

Yeah I go to men with guns and tasers and handcuffs who are 100 percent likely to lock me in a cage and have me forcibly handed over to the brutal thugs in psychiatry when I'm feeling down, too. It never ceases to amaze me how dumb people are.

And as for the innocent detainees being permitted to 'freely roam' the building they are caged in... what do you propose fuckhead? solitary confinement? Listen to the dehumanizing language, people, 'freely roam', like they are animals.

And fuckhead, there is no 'mismedication', you can't prove there is a SINGLE THING wrong with any cell or neuron in your entire brain, so the drugging you subject your poor brain to, is not a 'medical' act, it is the act of a brainwashed dupe. Brainwashed into the psychiatry religion. Your drawing is shit. WHo the fuck are you to name-call people 'stable' and 'unstable'? What does that even mean? You dislike their behavior and mindlessly without evidence call their behavior a 'medical' phenomenon? So let me guess this straight, you think the citizens caged for thought crimes should not be allowed to use the word 'faggot'? What do you propose be done to them if they continue to use that word?

I would love to know what kind of upbringing, what kind of history, leads someone to be dumb enough to think that walking into a police station and saying you're going to kill yourself would turn out to have a happy ending. Ludicrous level of stupidity.

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