Dwellings - Lemonade [Rock]

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Gnod's Chris Haslam here dwells on his intense sole electronic project a while longer, resulting in a full LP of very spaced out and murky retro-techno.

Sounding in places like a very stoned early Aphex, the menu here consists of the same ingredients but cooked imaginatively in different ways. Huge, half-buried waves of pitch-black tones'n'moans, skittering, insistent hats and synthetic snares rushing in all directions at once - actual dancing not to be ruled out, brain dancing guaranteed. Among other things Dwellings, to its creator, is "a place where time is feels stretched, a place where the rhythms of everyday life go on for ever..." for listening to the hypnotic jams on this album will make you feel like time is standing still. Read more on Last.fm.

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tags: techno, experimental, electronic, noise, seen live

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