Elite: Dangerous has an upcoming $60 USD dlc. New players get the game and the dlc for free after release

You seem to have a problem with other people who do not agree with your opinion. There is more in the world than your view of the things.


So again in slow motion for you:

Why do you think it's unfair for existing players to pay for unreleased content(in hope that there will be more funds to make more/better content) just to see new players getting same things but much better deal, without any of the risk?

I don't think it's unfair. I said I am fine with it. Ehm wait...what did you say? ah yeah. l2read. People who backed the game had over a year time to play it. All new players do not have that. With the same logic I can apply any game that was kickstarted and then went on sale. Like E:D did. Why is it fair for people who backed the game with all those risks when now new player can buy the game with 25-50% off?

There is nothing wrong with giving new players a good deal for buying expansion and base game together. There IS something wrong when kickstarter backers are getting worse deal for FUNDING THE GAME AND MAKING IT BETTER THROUGH FEEDBACK.

Worse deal? Let's get this straight:


As a kickstarter, you had the opportunity to pay 80£ and recieve ALL upcoming DLCs. All of them. The base game, Horizons and everything there is to come.

As a new player you need to pay 130£ for the lifetime pass. thats 50£ more.


As a kickstarter you could buy the game for 20£. And now you can buy Horizons for 30£, making it 50£ overall.

As a new player you can buy Horizons + Elite for 50£ but you can not play until Horizons is released. So if you want to play now, you need to buy Elite:Dangerous 30£ and then buy Horizons preorder for another 30£ making it 60£ to play now.

So kickstarter have a better lifetime pass deal. And kickstarters have a better Horizons preorder deal. Even when you say you kickstarted for 30£. In the end you only "paid 10£ more" to play over an enitre year. And you recieve ingame rewards.

You just say it is unfair for 'veterans' because you don't look at the real veterans who made the game possible. Those who backed as the first without knowing if it will succeed.

To sum it up in your poetic words:

Do you even think?




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