It's English class and a female teacher asks students to give her example of a sentence which contains "just in a case" in it.

I translated it into English:

The first student raises his hand and responds:

  • "There is no ongoing war, but we still keep the army, just in case"

  • "Excellent! Anybody else?" - asks the teacher.

  • "There is no fire but we still keep the fireman, just in case" - answers the other student.

Vova raises his hand and responds:

  • "My neighbor doesn't have a wife but his dick still gets hard, just in case".

Everyone gets shocked and teacher warns Vova:

  • "That's a terrible example. If you give an example like that again, I will kick out of the class."

The class is over and everyone starts leaving. Teacher takes Vova to the corner and tells him:

  • "What you did today was terrible and I hope it will never repeat again. Now, could you please give me your neighbor's phone number, just in case"
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