Why is the National Rifle Association filing for bankruptcy?

Bc our kids have been isolated from peer abuse and societal expectational stresses? I mean this pandemic shit sucks but it's in some ways better for many. Has the actual death by gun rate gone down? Has gun ownership gone down?

No, I'm guessing a lot of people have left NRA and new membership is down bc decent humans don't want to be associated with an organization that has become politically republican associated.

These NRA jokes suck. Guns were never the problem, only an accessible means for those afflicted with extreme mental disturbances during a crucial point in socio-emotional development. The problem is society having a breakdown in healthy family and community engagement/involvement, political corruption, fundamental religious zealots, and power hungry narcissists that create problems where their needn't be any... and avoid solutions so the problems continue to validate their existence or control.

The world is run by a bunch of abusive asswipes. Governments can do this or that...but when they try to do it for good does it really make a difference? We need to be thinking more globally, more interconnected, because we are.

Get our fucking heads out of the sand and somehow truly stand together on at least what can make the majority of humans (and most of all life) healthy mentally and physically BECAUSE THEIR ENVIRONMENTS ARE HEALTHY!

This was a rant... if it makes sense kudos to you. If not, sorry... maybe if you give it some real consideration. Or maybe it's not understandable to most since it's off the cuff while I'm emotionally amped. Kudos to anyone who've made it this far.

Tdlr: I like guns and the right to bare arms but the NRA can fuck off. I want people to be emotionally healthy but gun laws/regulations are not going to make that happen or keep kids/people from obtaining or creating weapons of any sort. We need to abandon much and create new societal and governmental norms/expectations.

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