Wife asks her husband to fix the fridge. He replies "What am I, a repairman?" So she got their neighbor to fix it. She tells her husb "It's fixed. Our neighbor said he would fix it if I either slept with him or baked him a pie."

she did. Assume the house is a square box with 4 sides and the paint bucket will be the little dot (im using an apostraphe ' ) at the top left corner;


Day 1: She paints 1 wall


Day 2: She continues to work, but has to walk back and forth from the paint bucket to the bottom wall and only finishes half of that bottom wall


Day 3: She is still working on that bottom wall, but where she starts is from the halfway point, and so each trip from the very start is 1.5x longer than the start of Day 2(where she only had to walk to the corner of the 2nd wall) so she cant complete half a wall, but rather just 1/4 of the wall(again, your 1/4) so that the grand total is 1.75 walls (or 1 and 3/4) painted at the end of the 3rd day.

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