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I don't know if anyone can say the same about sex in the city which seemed to be all about pandering to the lowest common female denominator. Kind of like entourage is bram stoker's dracula and sex and the city is Twilight.

WTF? This argument is insane and just objectively false. The fact you're receiving so many upvotes is evidence of the kind of the demographic on r/movies.

At it's best, SoC was widely considered to be a much better show than Entourage. If you polled 100 notable TV critics, a very significant number would consider SITC to be an artistically superior than Entourage. At a purely technical level, I think SITC had some of the best television writing at it's peak, though I admittedly haven't seen all the episodes. This is far from your argument that "no one" would argue for the merits of SITC.

In fact, I doubt a single one of those critics would argue that Entourage, even the ones who think Entourage was a better show, was somehow more sophisticated or had more artistic merit than SITC. (They might however, consider Entourage to be a better form of entertainment.)

Only the SITC movies would be universally considered to be "pandering to the lowest common denominator."

And the comparison of SITC to Twilight is way off base unless we're just talking about the movies. Likewise, you're drastically overrating Entourage.

Entourage was a hugely popular, culturally relevant show who's main merit was solid writing with an overdose of pandering. Not every piece of middle-brow entertainment needs to be justified as having literary merit or elevated because it's so "self-aware."

Even though I watched every single episode of Entourage and had no interest in doing the same for SITC, I would never claim that Entourage was artistically or technically superior to SITC just because it's aimed at my particular demographic group.

I do think the movies will be much better than their SITC counterparts, but that's hardly an outlandish prediction.

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