EP defends her son being pervy in a swimming changing room.

With respect, EyeArDum, u don't seem to know much about this topic. Nobody needs to have been abused themselves, to point that out to u. Ur making assumptions.

I'm actually a forensic psychologist. And unfortunately, ur assumptions about how child victims (or how u would) react, do not match research or reality. You seem in a very naive world, where u think it's near-impossible for this type of sexual assault to occur.

The reality is, plenty of attacks happen on kids, in public places. Most victims DON'T scream - and many attacks AREN'T interrupted by other people (though some are). Nor can a lot of victims describe their attacker well, afterwards.

And no - it ISN'T the fault of the victims. Do u think child sex abusers don't plan ahead of time, how they are going to be successful in an attack? In changing rooms, they loiter, until a) a suitable kid is there alone, b) there aren't people around, for a short period of time...(continued)..

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