Epicurus is NOT stoic, but this quote is.

I like the Travellers Protocol 2: leave the future in the past. Every time we find reality falls short of our grand plans, we tend to focus on the negative - and in the same breath we let of the positive. Epictetus said, while you yearn for what is not yours, you are giving up what is indeed yours. I came to Stoicism as a sick man (emotionally barren childhood and lingering attachment issues in adulthood), and while the sickness dwells, I can bear it with more dignity than ever before thanks to philosophy. Marcus said, don't come to philosophy as a pupil to his tutor, but as a sick man to his medication.

I've found it's easy to focus on the bad times all the time, but it takes courage to see the good times and make the most of that when it's feasible.

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