[ESPN] Damian Lillard says NBA games were "way easier" in the bubble.

To me personally, the Bubble was way easier. Because it was just like... it was really no distractions. We didn't have to travel for games, like shit, we was leaving the arena sometimes 10, 11 o clock after a game, and we'd go right back to the hotel and they had a cold pool set up at the pool for us and we'd just get our recovery in right after the game. They had food laid out for us and we'd go up to our room and lay down. Everything was laid out; there wasn't no plane after, bus to a hotel, get situated, check into a room, it was none of that! It was just boom boom get up in the morning, practice, all in one spot. Our bodies was recovering faster and we was more rested. It was way easier to me, that's why you saw a lot of people killing like that! For real.


btw some of yall obv didnt watch the video

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