Have you ever had to call 911? If so, why?

I call on drunk drivers all the time. About 5 months ago, I bought a new car and took it out for a spin. A truck in front of me was weaving all over the road almost taking out another car, sideswiping the protective rails on the side of the road, and almost hitting a telephone pole. I called 911 talked to the operator and told her where this guy was going. She said that a cop was on that way but continue to monitor where the idiot was. I see a cop and he flips a bitch at a light and goes after the guy. The operator told me to pull up behind because the cop would want to talk to me (that’s the only time I have been requested to follow a drunk and pull up for the cop. Normally the operators are kinda bitchy and telling me to stay away from the drunks) I pull up and the cop comes to my window and asked what was seen. I tell him the story and say I kinda feel bad cause this guy’s life is ruined but he is way too drunk on the road. The cop tells me that when he asked the guy to get out of the car he didn’t put the car in park and smelled HEAVILY of booze.

The one time I did call the cops and it wasn’t for a drunk driver was due to some idiot running a chainsaw at 3 o'clock in the morning. I called them and told them where I thought the noise was coming from. The operator asked me if I knew the address, I said no and to tell the cop to stick his head out of the window, he couldn’t miss it. After about 10 minutes, I was fed up. I went out to find the sounds. Let me set the scene: I was in cosmetology school at the time. My head was completely covered in pincurls my make-up was done with overnight make up and I was in clothes that I could easily get off so that I wouldn’t mess up the perfection that was happening from the neck up. I drove around trying to find the damn chain saw when I came to the train tracks. CalTrans was working on the tracks and was doing something that sounded a little like a chainsaw. With my head sagging and my tail between my legs, I went home. Just as I came into view of my house, I see a cop car in front of it. He drove off but I didn’t want to waste his time any further so I waited in the middle of the street for him to come back around. Not that it matters to the story but the hottest cop I have ever seen in my life was behind the wheel that night. I told him that I found the sound. We laughed and I apologized. He did admit that it sounded like a chainsaw from where my house was and said good night.

tl;dr I call cops on drunks and CalTrans using machinery on the train tracks.

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