Ever missed a call?

I dropped a patient in IFT the summer between my years in PCP school (Canada). Combination of a lack of knowledge/xp, and very very cheap and shoddy private IFT equipment. We were offloading, hook didn't catch, fell to the side and pt got a head abrasion. We called the nursing staff out ASAP and obviously assessed and did what we could Cspine checks and whatever... gave our names to the staff and the nurses there assessed him as we left. The pt himself loved us, had us turn up the radio for him, was singing along, lovely dude. He kept denying anything besides obvious head pain... Called our dispatch and told them, later our manager told us the pt commented on our company facebook that my partner and I were great, thank you for the excellent service and care... I couldn't believe it.

The speeding ticket was 50km/h over in my personal vehicle on the way to a job at 0630 on a Sunday morning on empty roads about 100 ft from the sign that would make it 20km/h. Since it was 50 over it's classified 'stunt driving/racing' and my car was impounded for 7 days. I fought and got it reduced but the impounding stays on my record 2-3 years. I had to relocate for employment with a private company since I can't imagine municipal services seeing past that.

The missed call was while I was on a 24/7 rotation in my first couple months doing fixed-wing for this company that I also work industrial for. Dispatch sends a page out to the crew (literally via pager) then we text each other to make sure we're enroute. I turned my phone down to silent earlier in the day because my text notifications were going off in a meeting. Even though, being new, I was obsessively checking the pager for some reason I completely and utterly forgot about my phone being silent, and didn't check it until 30 mins after my partner called me several times. Response time is 20 mins. My pager did not receive the page at all. Worked fine through the rest of the day for every single other page directed at the other crew, but not for my call. Luckily my supervisor was staying at base and covered the call when I didn't answer my partner.

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