Thank you guys, from a nurse.

Obligatory I'm not a boot, not a douche, not a "im a hero guy."

But during one of the monthly run reviews we host with all the EMS agencies in my county, the ED's, and the training officers one of my cases was reviewed. It had to due with a particularly nasty drunk driver crash that ended in a death. One of the ED nurses in attendance made a point that honestly made me feel like my job mattered for once. "These guys, they are out there day and night, laying in the muck and cold, intubating, placing tourniquets, making the hard decisions all alone. We need to trust them and give them the respect they've earned over and over again" It legit brought tears to my eyes because I had been struggling with how the call went, and to this day still think on how I might have been better, faster, or more in control. It was the kind of call we imagine, the once in a career intense kind, where literally everything factor is against you. I just want to say thank you, to you, to the RN that stood up for me, and for all you guys who get it and are putting yourself on the front lines. Thank you

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