Have you ever quit a boring/drudgery job with great benefits & job security & location, because you just needed a change? Did you ever change professions/career? I'm interested in your stories.

Yes and that decision was a pivotal moment in my career.

I worked for one of the big telecom companies in Canada at a call center and I was very good at my job. Max pay raises, large bonuses and several promotions. At the time, I was making what I considered to be decent money (~45k) and since my bills were low, I had a fair bit of disposable income. All in all, I never had to worry about my bank account and I could easily see myself becoming a "lifer" there (that call center had managers there 30+ years and even frontline reps there 10+ years). I ended up leaving this telecom because despite the level you operated in, if call volumes were too high in even the most basic line of business, you'd be there taking payments along with everyone else.

Towards the end of my time there, I was volunteering my time in the video game industry as that's what I was really passionate about and learned a great deal in doing so.

For me, it's not a seniority complex or anything else, but I really cannot work doing mundane or simplistic work. I'm the type that needs a challenge in my work or something that forces me to think or I'll go crazy. Going back to basic work for long periods of time was really draining me and making me very unhappy. This is when I decided to leave my very comfortable job and made a promise to myself - I would never again work for a company I couldn't be proud of working for and I'd never work in a role that I wasn't truly passionate about.

This mentality changed everything. I no longer cared about how much I made. Instead, it was all about finding work that made me happy. Very shortly after I left, I started my career in the video game industry thanks to my volunteering effort that lead me all over with so many amazing memories and stories that I could go on for ages. Now I work in tech and everything still applies. If I ever get to a point where my company shifts away from a model I can't stand behind or my work doesn't drive me to want to wake up excited for the day, I'll find a new challenge. Financially (since it's in the OP), I make significantly more than ever before, but again it isn't about that.

To sum up, I learned that taking calculated risks and following what you're passionate about was game-changing for me. I took a look at what I liked about my existing job, what I didn't like and used that information to find work that had more of the things I liked and less of the things I didn't. When you're working like that, the money just naturally follows.

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