Every single "pregnant after a year!!!!" YouTube video

I am a primary care doctor in my last year of training. I think this is partially right, but also misses an important point which is that people who actually care about their bodies and track their cycle accurately are in the very small minority. I can count on one hand the number of patients I've had who actually cared enough to track at all, let alone accurately. We should be good at identifying y'all and referring you appropriately, but sometimes we get inured to the mass amounts of people with no health literacy.

Also, using word of mouth to find good docs is a good idea because there's definitely a lot of variation in interests and skills. Some of us are a lot more interested and better trained in gyn than others. I also that see a few people in this thread have seen NPs and referred to them as doctors, which they aren't and shouldn't be compared in my opinion. Their training and role is different.

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