[F]or a verification, and a little accent challenge to go with it.

Annnnd you're verified!

» Please read this information on keeping yourself safe and this information on harassment before you make an audio post.

» Please check out our lovely Wiki for lots of answers to common queries on all sorts of things, from expected behavior to audio host recommendations. If you have a question that’s not answered by the wiki - about GWA or even Reddit in general - please send us a message!

» Here is a post that has some general advice, if you're at a complete loss. You can also do a search for the Request tag or the script offer tag to see what people are looking to hear.

»Here is a link to a thread on post etiquette, here is a thread with script offers and discussion and here is a discussion of tags and their usage. Since every post with a recording is expected to properly tag, check it out!

✍ You may message the Moderators if you have further questions. We will do our best to help.

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