The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap (2011) - This program explains some of the weirdest aspects of quantum mechanics: uncertainty and entanglement. Despite the absurdity of these behaviors they have been confirmed. [54:53]

While it is true that there is no hard evidence,

Double talking yourself after you were proved incorrect, after you stated for sure you were correct originally.

the fact that we can discovery things that have happened in the past are a pretty big indicator that wave collapse is happening without our actual observation.

Maybe. No way to prove it at the moment.

Furthermore, there are all atomic nucleus that have decoherence behavior while larger ones don't, adding credence to the fact that complexity of system causes wave collapse.

No, not really. What does a nucleus have to do with the two slit experiment outside of the fact that it is a science term?

There are no scientific explanations for NRQM that involve consciousness--- not Copenhagen, BM, MWI, CSL, GRW, none of them. And good luck putting observation into Quantum Field Theory. Good luck.

  • I succeded. 2018 will yield that in my paper.

The bold part is literally proving our point and literally disproving your own.

-Dude said it best, "that's like, your opinion man". You deal in social acceptance without proof, I sought proof and found none to your view on it.

Don't name drop--- show me quotes from them.

Google, you have fingers. As you said, I'm not a Professor, so why listen? Go look for yourself instead of oddly asking the guy you don't believe to post more things you won't believe.

There is actually a theory of relativistic quantum mechanics called Quantum Field Theory. It is a theory that ties together SR and QM completely, but still struggles to tie in some concepts of GR. It models wave collapse as the excitation of fields. If you don't know anything about this theory (which is the prevalent explanation of everything in the scientific community) you might not want to publish your book.

Incorrect. rel·a·tiv·is·tic ˌrelədəˈvistik/ adjective 1. PHYSICS accurately described only by the theory of relativity. 2. relating to the doctrine of relativism.

That is the definition of the term, much like the Nothing term that was altered to plug gaps in theories. QM is absurdly unrelative and non conforming, so to use that term is the most naive thing one can do.

No, there is no interpretation in the world that believes that particles start out as regular particles but only move as waves after they pass the slit. This makes no sense.

Ignore the laser or the tube firing mechanism that fires particles in a straight line that is the basis for the experiment itself.

Aren't you a fucking camera man or some shit? I'm a Network engineer with a minor in Physics. Get out of here with this shit.

I've upset the atheist who thinks Gravity predated the universe and all of existence itself, who had no idea the two slit experiment is done with a particle accelerator that fires them in a straight line, who had no clue his favorite physics authorities duped him when they said "the universe can and did come from nothing" and who has been on a binge-myriad of insults over someone's opinion that doesn't conform to his own. Grats.

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