Facebook now marks 'fake news' as 'disputed'

I'm sorry my comment upset you so dearly.

I personally don't use Facebook. I have no practical need for it. Not saying I'm better than someone who does. Let people use what they want.

The fact is this; there's no checks or balances to stop it from happening. How can you prove that an article that was deemed "Fake News" was actually marked by users and not the corporation?

Facebook has already conducted an experiment by manipulating news stories that show up in your feed. Twitter has also dipped their toe in the proverbial water. So what's stopping them from doing that?

Again, this has nothing to do on anyone's stance of "Fake News". My question is simple; What's stopping some Facebook Employee from marking articles that they don't agree with as Fake News? Who's ensuring that only the users dictate this?

I mean, think about it. Say an article is published; the article is discussing a political party member in a negative light. What if the majority of Facebook's shareholders benefit from that particular party member and would benefit in some way from their success? What's stopping them from saying that story is "Fake News"? So when Joe Average see's it in their feed, it's marked as "Fake News" wouldn't you say it'll be ignored or dismissed?

Not saying they would, just a thought.

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