Fadi Abouabsi (rapper): @BernieSanders I finished my song for you I'm trying to see where to send it

Spent an hour and came up with this. Please fix obvious mistakes. Some words are nonsense, but they're the closest I could figure.

Really impressed with this song, and more impressed with its words and message. Please share.

Bernie Sanders (source?):
I rise this afternoon to say a few words about the immigration reform bill. 
And as the son of an immigrant, somebody who came to this country at the 
age of 17, without a nickel in his pocket. Needless to say I support 
immigration. Our country is unique in the world, our country is great 
because in fact we are the sons and daughters of immigrants, and I think we 
should all be very proud of them.

Hillary Clinton (source?):
We've got to do several things. And I am adamantly against illegal immigrats.
I mean, this exception is basically on humanitarian grounds. But certainly 
we've go to do more on our borders. And people have to stop employing illegal 

God bless America, I was a youth when I arrived
Everything was bigger then
And it had a better shine.
I was only ten. Even the home that we was in was just a
glimpse of the prosperity America gives.
Allah blessed, cause this country gave me so much.
But most importantly it gave me a chance to grow up.
Gave me a voice that mattered, and the choice to use it.
Told me I'd be anything and gave me chances to prove it.
I wouldn't be who I am if that open door had closed.
I'm so thankful there's no hatred where all my hopes have grown.
Without the opportunity here to shape my life,
I'd be living where at any given they could take my rights.

Bernie Sanders (source?):
Today is a tragic day for humanity, for the people of the United States, for 
the future of our planet, and for the children, 30,000 of whom in the third 
world, will starve to death today, while we spend billions to wage this war. 
It is imcumbent upon us, to do everything in our power, now that the war has 
started, to prevent uneccessary bloodshed, and to support our troops in the 
most basic ways.

God bless America
But there's people out there to take advantage.
They paint the world to be savage, just to invade against the axis.
It's just reckless.
Despite all positive efforts,
Some people are just too far gone to get the message.
We gotta cease
We got stop risking lives
or recources, or to eat off them.
And stop blaming language barriers for our somewhat morbid precautions.
It a fracture, not completely broken
Some mind are closed, and some minds are completely open.
But I seen a plan, and I see a man, and I see a reason to stand behind him 
and help him go out and do what he can.
Feel the Bern.

Bernie Sanders (source?):
We have large number of lives that have been destroyed, because of this war 
on drugs. and because people, you know, were caught smoking marajuana and so 
forth. I think we have got to end the war on drugs. And, you know, look at 
what's going on in Colorado and elsewhere, you know, but I am...not 
unfavorably disposed to moving toward the legalization of marajiuana.

God bless America
I see the future through the flames
And I feel the Bern at the palace when I'm choosing names
It's been a domestic dispute that needs to stop.
Too many people hit with a charge that needs to drop.
If we tax it, it could help restore the economy.
And make dollars synonymous with
It's just petty,
let's face it, it's a cure for some, but if you got prisoners what you'll 
endure for some.
And that's based off of lies and ancient propaganda,
And some pangra? from the planet.
I mean really, how much damage can it do?
Some people just can't handle the truth.
Wash State and Colorado are the proof.
Feel the Bern.
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