Our man out there dishing assists, only to watch the rest of em turn the ball over on every possession.

Sanders did what was best for the country, as he always does. Clinton despite her massive flaws was the better of the two evils and Bernie didn't want to hurt her chances by dividing the progressives from the moderates any further. Unfortunately the progressives still didn't show up and Trump won a close election with some help from social media and Russian troll farms.

Enjoy believing in ghosts and being on the wrong side of history. God was created by men to keep simple fearful people in line. Religion is the worst poison on the planet, and is responsible for more violence and war than money (the second biggest evil) You are a little man afraid of death, so you choose to believe in a ghost to keep you able to sleep at night.

It must be hard to watch moral people like Sanders doing the right thing constantly, and you having to pray to your pretend deity for guidance. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic for you and the country.

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