Famously “bad” movies that you watched, that weren’t actually that bad.

De Palma's The Black Dahlia seems widely discredited, and while I can see why, overall I find it quite enjoyable. The novelistic labyrinth is indeed somewhat at odds with De Palma's more expressionist, abstract direction, but I find that tension interesting and compelling. Similar to Lynch's Dune in that respect, and in how both bear the teaces of the perhaps more balanced, less frenetic longer cuts from which they were carved.

Bogdanovich's Daisy Miller is written off as a poor adaptation, but I found the mashup of Howard Hawks-esque patter comedy and early-modernist social comedy to work wonderfully.

Southland Tales and Jennifer's Body are both underrated masterpieces (the former in particular in the Cannes cut form).

FFC's Twixt is a masterpiece of deeply personal, elegaic metahorror.

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