It's Fat2Fit Friday! Please post here for small victories or stories if you don't feel like it would warrant a whole post on its own.

This is simple. How fat are you compared to the world ?

No magazine is going to make you eat less. A 'nutritional workup'? Sigh. Fatlogic: delay, defer, fog.

A whole hour a few times a week are you? Are you kidding me? Fatlogic:Denial runs deep bro.

If we don't burn it, we don't earn it.

"Relating to your needs" come man you say you want lose weight ... your needs are to eat less. Fatlogic: Rationalized needs

Of anything and everything.

"I may need to take some advice from a professional at some point." Really? Why? Fatlogic: I'm powerless Fatlogic: Reservation "if I'm not successful" preparing to relieve yourself of accountability for the coming results until someone with a white coat says so. The you will listen, right?

But you already seem to know you are fat and what to do about it. CICO

Here are the simple direct action steps you can take RIGHT FUCKING NOW that will lead to personal weight management success:

Determine your [BMR & TDEE](

Track your caloric intake. [MFP](

Track your caloric output. [Fitbit](

(Note: no fitbit no problem

Establish and maintain a caloric deficit = Lose weight.

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