Favorite Festival and Favorite Set?

Hmm Shambhala I’d say...more than any other festival it feels like people are there for the music. I kid you not I’ve never seen so many people just dancing the night away, getting absolutely freaky and not pulling their phones out at all. The vibes are just incomparable. I’m pretty liberal when it comes to drug use and harm reduction and I adore the fact that shambhala has no security checks once you get past initial festival check in, they have drug testing tents, an amazing crew and no police presence.

Something ticks me off about the cops and under-covers creeping around EDC. I come to festivals to escape the bullshit fucking laws that state that I can’t do what I want when it comes to using a substance that enhances my experience and hurts no one else (except for supporting a black market that the prohibition itself has created) despite being a professional, reasonable, contributing citizen of this earth. That low key fear that indulging at EDC is ultimately some federal life ruining crime is probably why in the long run I see myself sticking with Shambhala and other local Canadian festivals over risking it down in the states. I just feel more free at Shambhala then I have ever felt at Coachella or EDC.

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