The FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine today. Allow me to introduce you to former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. He now sits on the board of Pfizer.

I'm sure you are aware, but it's still only approved for emergency use, so nothing has really changed except the name.

The press release by the FDA today is pure obfuscation and the statement by Resident Joe Biden is an out and out lie.

The first attached link is to a letter approving the Biological License Application (BLA) for Cominarty to allow production and marketing.

The second attached letter is the actual "Approval" signed today, which is superior to and governs the BLA approval for Cominarty.

What the second letter boils down to is the recognition of the BLA approval for the change of name to Cominarty from Pfizer-BioNTech and allowing the Emergency use of Cominarty under cover of the EUA for Pfizer-BioNTech. It also extends the EUA indefinitely.

Do not be fooled or mislead by this wickedly intended slight of hand. Read everything thoroughly and realise how the press release has carefully misleadingly phrased their statement to suit an evil agenda to mandate illegal jabs. (which is illegal anyway but might scare some enough to take the jab).

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