[February 28th, 2015]

GGuard already disbanded, and we can only guess at who might be playing for their game today.. It could be their old roster, or it could even be some parts of their old roster + (perhaps) johnny/mushi/ohaiyo/whoever else there is. It's probably gonna be standin gaming, so I foresee that they won't be preparing at all for this match. What this means is that they probably won't be banning trust's favourite lion/wisp sppts. Apart from this, I would like to mention that trust only just won a bo1 against 5eva just a while back -- though they didn't steamroll 5eva, they kinda maintained their lead throughout the game which should be a good sign. GGuard however disbanded recently, and all we can do is guess at their roster for today. My belief is that there won't be mushi/ohaiyo in gguard, mainly because gguard was faring quite well before their disbandment. If the players weren't looking for greener pastures (with mushi/ohaiyo), I don't see any reason for the disbandment. Basically, I think that some of the members from gguard are going to form a team with mushi/ohaiyo, but that might not be the case. Regardless of who's going to play for gguard today, a value bet on trust seems to be nice. Well, just know that if you see johnny playing for gguard later on, be prepared for a loss on trust's side, because johnny's pretty good at drafting. But actually, truthfully speaking, none of these teams give a shit about obutto championship. This is because the results of obutto championship probably won't affect TI5 invites AT ALL, and also due to the small prize pool involved. However, I've noticed that trust tries to bring their A game to all of their matches, possibly because they have been struggling and struggling for years to prove themselves, but to no avail. I think all their endeavours will likely culminate in this year -- if they still don't go to TI5 this year, I'm afraid lakelz might just give up on playing. They can't slack off or throw games, they gotta do their best for as many games as they can. Let us pray and hope that this will be a win for them, as a form of consolation for their loss at summit prequalifiers -- and more importantly, for the sake of my items ;o

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