I feel like smartshift in laptops was developed for apple.

2223Mhz which Sony claims as freq. for GPU is insane. You can expect little heater. GPU will throttle.

I all cool on paper but in reality it's will not be that sweet.

Ignore Devs, they doesn't tell you about the hardware but about the software, Sony just did great job giving them perfect tool for thier work. Probably most of them actually optymize the game to work with 2000mhz gpu at most.

While the storage is cool, but the access time is important. Because its what matter while rendering. The 100ns is 10ms, to reach 120fps which Sony want games to run is 8.8ms

We will see. But don't expect Intel Optane memory acces time parameters which cost over 1000$ which is also 5x faster.

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