Feeling discouraged about TEC, appreciate any advice

It can be very difficult to get sacramental care in Sydney for Anglo-Catholics because our parishes are so reduced in number. This is, in part, because the diocesan leadership has been very antagonistic. They've historically initiated 'hostile takeovers' of vulnerable Anglo-Catholic parishes and forcibly installed evangelical rectors, who undertake 'wreckovations' by dismantling anything that remotely suggests a realist sacramental theology: out go the fixed altar and sacred vessels, in come the folding card table and Pizza and Coke consecrated by unbaptized laypeople (yes, that has occurred).

I know many Anglo-Catholics who travelled 3 or more hours on Sunday in order to receive communion. For those who couldn't travel so far (e.g. elderly and unable to drive) they had to go through the painful decision of choosing between being Anglican or attending their local Catholic parish, and many seem to never actually make up their mind: they attend their Anglo-Catholic parish on Sundays if they could, but otherwise receive daily communion from a local Catholic priest.

Lack of sacramental care is one big stormy cloud looming on the horizon for me. I'm 30, and if the present diocesan trend continues (which it probably will), there won't be any Anglo-Catholic clergy left by the time I'm retired and I'll have no access to the sacraments at that time. Even in 2020, I was brought to ER seriously ill, and I felt I needed Extreme Unction. Didn't want to unfairly impose upon the Catholic chaplain; couldn't rely upon the (evangelical) Anglican chaplain because they don't provide Anointing of the Sick with communion in Sydney; and I didn't want to call my rector and have an awkward conversation about why I haven't shown up for confession and communion in four years. In the end I just laid in bed praying the (Dominican) rosary hoping for the best.

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