[FIA] FIA Statement on Financial Regulations

The FIA also reiterates that any suggestion that FIA personnel have disclosed sensitive information is equally baseless.

Hmm, someone had to leak something to somebody. That someone would have been on the adjudication panel, as the members of that panel would have been the only people with access to that type of information.

I bet all 10 teams get their certificates on Monday. If Red Bull and Aston Martin were to be sanctioned at this point it would prove that there was indeed an unauthorized disclosure from someone in the FIA... contradicting the last line of their statement.

The delay(s), at this point, is probably because of their internal investigation of the disclosure. The disclosure is egregious. It in fact is more detrimental to the integrity of the financial regulations than any punishment or non-punishment levied. Someone with access to detailed information on the financials of each team has loose lips.


An employee from each RB and AM contacted the same journalist to let them know that they were being in breach of the cost cap.

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