Help me understand fibro - am I being unreasonable?

Thank you, this is really helpful as a starting point for the discussion, and you're right on about comparing kids. One of my kids is a brain cancer survivor with significant special needs himself as a result, but I offer him no quarter and expect him to adapt and overcome and be self sufficient. He has to work harder for everything, and I don't help him all that often. Everyone is different and I'm not looking for equal treatment per se, but I am looking for equitable treatment under the circumstances, if that makes sense. I'm really feeling that enabling behavior you alluded to there.

Your words about the fear of pain and flares are helpful, since I really don't understand fibro at all. I'm just trying to figure out if what he is describing is actually fibro or if he's just playing a fibro patient on TV, you know? Thanks, and looking forward to others who can comment....

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