Filtering out the 80% of men: Woman from Stanford to create "Elite Tinder App"

Money isn't the root of all evil, but it is the key that opened Pandora's Box.

As Old World societies moved past the bartering stage and into the creation of money, balances changed. In a New World Culture of currency and private property, asset accumulation was now possible. Consider an average North American Plains Indian before the Europeans arrived. Their primary diet was bison. Men had to travel dozens of miles on foot to get to the animals. They had to travel dozens of miles to pace, stalk and kill one. Groups of men had to expend considerable energy just to kill one animal. The Indians vaunted environmental reputation of using every part of the animal was nothing more than expediency. If you had to travel 50-100 miles to catch your dinner, then carve it up and haul a 2,000 lb. carcass back to the village, it's agreeable that you were going to find a use for pretty much everything you had to drag home. There was no incentive for a hunter to kill 50 animals, because he didn't have the means to benefit from killing any more than that of personal needs. It made no sense to kill 50 buffalo if you could only butcher and bring home one. In this system, a tribe had no class structure based on wealth, no rich or poor. And no path to aspire for more.

With the existence of money came New World Cultures. With the existence of money you could now kill and butcher 50 buffalo, sell them off and carry home the currency in your coat pocket. What was constituted as success had changed. The man willing to risk debt to buy horses and wagons to bring 50 animals to market had an advantage over the man unwilling to take the risk. The man willing to sail across unknown oceans in search of silver, spices and gold had an advantage over the man unwilling. The man who was successful could carry in his wallet the equivalent labours of hundreds of men.

While the cliche says money is power, the underlying truth is that money is collectible time and energy. Every dollar that exists represents a unit of labour that was performed to create it. Accumulated wealth is a depository of past production, and the more you have, the more you can purchase current or future labour production. It’s possible now to kill a lifetime’s worth of livestock in a day, and hold that value in one hand. Economic disparity was born. The community tree now has more than one branch, and now has height. Both male and female eyes have looked higher and higher to see how far they can climb. Male power and female hypergamy are parts of the same greed, innate to our species as survival mechanisms.

This won't be a popular sentiment, but RP values aren't much different from a woman's hypergamy. Lift, make bank, spin plates, be detached from outcome. It's mostly take without give, and a case of fighting fire with fire, which is an understandable reaction to the common man's circumstances these days. Just realize that for every man who respects the accomplishments of Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Isaac Newton or Leonardo DaVinci, women respect other women who've managed to snag a rock star, pro athlete or oil baron. The targets are different, we're aiming with different weapons, but it's the same game.

Every political "ism" that is, has been and shall be: feminism, socialism, marxism, totalitarianism… are just footpaths taking us to the fields where currency is hunted. The key is the available labour pool (men). The money creators have a vested interest in controlling the behaviour of men, in order to control the hunt and to have access to their cut of the prize. The invention of money isn't the root of all evil, but how we're using it comes pretty close.

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