The Final Accounting of the Shelf of Shame of the Decade!

Oh no! Wish I hadn’t seen this posting. Started in hobby August 2019 Here we go SOS. Bows head in shame...

7th Continent Classic NIS Street Fighter NIS Gears of War & Expansion( I even have two copies of GOW: 1 NIS, 1 LN...) Forbidden Stars NIS It’s a wonderful world Heritage NIS Dungeonology Professor Pledge NIS On Mars NIS Lisboa NIS Robinson Crusoe NIS Brutality NIS Wingspan NIS Terraforming Mars and Turmoil NIS Comancheria NIS Eldritch Horror NIS Arkham Horror LCG 2 Core NIS Zulu on the Ramparts Mint Unpunched LN B*Sieged Defender Pledge LN Battle Line NIS Cave Evil Warcults & Expansion NIS Co2 Second Edition NIS Blackout Hong Kong NIS Space Hulk Death Angel (1 LN, 1 NIS) Unbroken NIS Dawn of the Zeds 3rd Edition and 3 expansion packs NIS Dungeon Degenerates base game LN Ferox Unused LN 1st Edition Ghost Stories NIS Grand Austria Hotel NIS This War of Mine NIS Space Explorers NIS Kanban Drivers Edition NIS Moon NIS Pret a Porter KS NIS Spirit Island NIS Star Trek Frontiers & Wrath of Kahn expansion NIS Teotihuacan NIS Troyes NIS Thunder Alley LN

Preorder: Barracks Emperors, Mr. President, Miracle at Dunkirque , Under the Med

Awaiting: Anachrony All In, Burgle Brothers 2 All In, High Frontier 4 All In, Zombicide 2.0 almost all, Night of the Living Dead, Carnival Zombie All In, Ferox 2nd Edition, Trash Lords, The Hunted (both), Kingdom Rush All In, Super Fantasy Brawl All In, Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles(with base game) pledge

Debating whether to pledge Aeon Trespass Odyssey & Oathsworn

This was helpful to examine. I have to pick up my game and play!!!

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