First DUI.. trial by jury?

I say that because people talk about their 1st and sometimes 2nd DUIs like they're no big deal. Personally, I'd probably die if I ever got arrested for anything.. I'm just stating my observations of others.

Actually, he's usually very sweet and loving...but he also suffers from depression, and I think PTSD, cue the pissy desire to push everyone away so he can say, "yep, I knew they wouldn't stay when things got hard." Is that okay? No, but if he is scared then I'd rather be there when he needs support. I'll worry about the rest later.

And yes. Could have been up to 60 days. I didn't really pressure him for specifics. That info came from the person who drove him around during that time. I don't know the exact amount of time his license was suspended, but he's still awaiting trial for the actual judgement. So he will likely be facing a longer suspension, but what do I know.

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