First round of songs confirmed for Guitar Hero Live

That satisfy your paranoia

Oh please, give me a break. You're taking all of this way too seriously by acting like a tool. What it comes down to is music games were popular at the time, the market did get oversaturated, and it fell out of style and wasn't profitable any longer. So you have a problem with music games & Guitar Hero becoming a thing again?

Like the other user mentioned, its not even Activision's game. Just their IP. So your telling people to "please don't support the company that was already digging a grave plot for the genre" with your overly dramatic nonsense is laughable. Its your opinion dude, not everything has to be a war on industry- especially when its as misguided as your initial post was.

Even with that said, I typically have a fair distrust towards gaming companies nowadays because they do milk the shit out of the market. Pay for super exclusive unlockables, must have content to fully beat the game, expansions that should've been part of the base game, so on and so forth. Most companies are really bad about that shit. DLC for songs, additional games that pander to fans (Van Halen, Beatles, etcetera) - I don't see those being a bad way to make additional money off of the genre. The fact of the matter was that with Rock Band & Guitar Hero competing, the best way for the entirety of their company was to get a new, fully fledged game out each year. Why? The first three were primarily being played without online connectivity or online shop capabilities. The third one would've been the one that changed things, but even past then at the rate of which the series was growing in popularity, the easiest way to make sure everyone was reached with content was to make the bulk of it available in disc format.

Whether you like it or not, the series was popular and successful reasonably. It just fell out of style for a while like all fads eventually do. Let me remind you of your two big, killer reasons as to why Activision is an awful company.

I just want to remind everyone Activision was a huge part in killing off the music game genre, at least as fast as it did die. They released tons of GH games within months of each other.

So they released a bunch of games back to back. Alright then, a lot of companies do that nowadays. Doesn't make it decent, but at least each game was enjoyable and had a purpose for existing. I.e. Wholly offline party play was capable without any dlc. Buying into the discs, at a rather low price point, were the dlc. Crazy, right?

bunch of games over a 4 year period

Get the fuck out of here lol. They are all different games, and half of them were made by other developers.

Fact of the matter is that if they're rebooting, using the same old "milked songs" bullshit you mentioned at the very tippy top of your post - that isn't bad. There'll be hits, indie songs, obscure ones, and everything in between as per usual. Except nowadays its par for course that most people have online connectivity for DLC. See Rocksmith, with their massive library of songs. I doubt we'll see the every few month releases, or maybe even every year releases if Guitar Hero makes a comeback in popularity off of this. Depending on how well they do, they may reboot again with a different formula if people don't try and give this a fair shot on it's own. What, can you not be arsed to play some of the same songs? Personally I'd love to revist some old favorites. Though in your book, having more of the same stuff must be awful business. Fuck the consumer, right?

If I typoed and shit, ignore it. I've been up an entire day and it'll probably show in this post. The major point I'm trying to make is, you basically laid out some facts of when games released by Activision and called them a shit company. If you're not going to back up your claims with anything better, don't tell people not to buy the game. They may be gullible enough to listen and miss out on supporting something great. We'll see though.

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